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Maow! :3

Rahball inside

22 June 1982
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  • rahball@livejournal.com
Hi, I'm Rahball or Tim, formerly known online as Timmerryn. I'm a tranny of the FTM variety and the Other Half is a male-bodied type personage who makes origami. See!.

Things on the interwebs perpetrated by me:

CRE'ATURES. A pretty-much kidsafe online shop where I sell my animal art and toys, including Patterpillars™ (hahar, can has trademark symbol), which are super-cool furry worm toys that wriggle when you stroke them.

The Pantheon. The webcomic I started when I was 18. It's about gods in general and Satan in particular. Not for the kiddies, unless you're the kind of parent who's happy to talk about why Rude Stuff and blasphemy are funny. After several years of hiatus, I'm theoretically getting it going again. The current storyline concerns two silly centaurs' quest for the Adamantine Sickle the Greek god Kronos once wielded against his father. They want it for an (ahem!) historical recreation, with Priapus in the starring role.

The Dark Lord's Garden. My new webcomic. Like Pantheon, it has an erratic update schedule. Definitely not kid- or work-safe. As I wrote on the "about" page on the website:

"It concerns a technically-evil wizard named Dark Lord Khan who, as a second-generation Dark Lord, has observed the stupidity of the Dark Lord Code (*) first-hand and now does his best to steer clear of it. While keeping up appearances to keep his fellow evil wizards happy, of course.

Also to be found inhabiting his pleasantly-verdant fortress are his husband (a wolfman named Hrra), his apprentice (Keith), his brother-in-law's brother (who is a priest of the god Theo), his magic-proof guard (a beastman demon named Thrxasshdryl) and an entire village of little red imp demons, who keep the whole thing running. His sister, Lady Della, is also often seen about the place Doing Science.

Every now and then people have sex. They do that in the real world too, you know.

(*) You know the one. It involves capturing the hero and gloatingly enumerating your Evil Plan while pointing meaningfully to the self-destruct button on the Doomsday Device."

Other arts and things of mine are floating around on DeviantART, Fur Affinity and y!Gallery.