Stuffs I will write one day


I do have a plan for the perpetually unfinished 'Adamantine Sickle' storyline, I just have to get around to drawing it. It features some of our Norse friends.

'Dark Lord's Garden'

Intended to feature Amazing Discoveries about the nature of gods and magic, but not sure on what timeline. Possibly the priest and the beastman demon need to get to know each other better first. Probably smarter just to stir up all the characters and see what results.

'Sea Moneys'

Last time I looked at this idea, it was going to be a whole novel or something, but it might be more fun as a comic. I had a lot of trouble researching the ins and outs of money, which didn't help. It is about cuttlefish-people who use live shellfish for money, and the trouble that is caused when someone starts counterfeiting (ie. illegally breeding) them and releasing them into the wild. Really need better ability at whodunnit plots for this 'un.

The one about the gossiping hyena-baboons

Newest idea. The moment when language starts to happen in a species. Inspired by social grooming hypothesis. Ability of human children to generate new languages possibly relevant here. Needs more stuff.

To do...

1) Pack up the computer and brave the weather tomorrow morning to go and physically work in the office. I didn't wanna this week, but they asked me nicely so I consented.

2) Dig out all the patterpillar fur and see what I need more of. Go and fiddle in Gosford Spotlight, and probably put in an order to Beary Cheap for more green tipped white *before* it's too late to have the delivery arrive in time for next weekend.

3) Use the nice wodge of A3 paper I got in Officeworks today to draw up reproducible patterns of the cat/dog Build-a-Beasties and the Unlucky Cthulhu / other sitting-up animals. Take these back to Officeworks and get 100-odd copies. Possibly get some A4-sized paper bags to package completed things in? Sell these at Castle Hill Show instead of actual kits.

4) See what the state of the t-shirts is.

5) Don't forget, going with Noemz to the MCA Zine Fair thingybob again.

6) Remember the change of ISP has probably vanished the patterpillars website. Make a new one somewhere.

7) What else to sell at Castle Hill? Get some new tablecloths.


I have been thinking about baboons again lately, and read Robert Sapolsky's book, 'A Primate's Memoir'.

Robert Sapolsky is this brilliant neurobiologist at Stanford University who I came across when I was first training for my current job in October/November 2010. He was giving a lecture (which is on Youtube) about 'the uniqueness of humans' and it was one of the videos we were given to practise our respeaking. He talks at a hundred miles an hour and throws in anecdotes and side comments all over the place, so needless to say, I tended to miss a lot of his content in those early days of attempted transcription.

After I watched that video, I raided Youtube and Google for anything else that had him in it, which included a lecture about the nature of depression, and plenty of good stuff about the endangerment of neurons by chronic stress. I managed to get a couple of his books from the university library, but 'A Primate's Memoir' wasn't there.

The other week I made an account on Kobo so I could finally get hold of and read 'Who Censored Roger Rabbit?' (the book which inspired 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit', of course) which I had been wanting to read for about 20 years, ever since I saw the little note in the end credits of the movie that said it was based on a book.

And so I also bought Primate's Memoir. Sapolsky spends part of every year in Kenya, taking blood samples of baboons to test theories about how chronic social stress impacts on physical health. So his story was about the baboons he studied, as well as the people he's met, and the way things are in Africa (generally pretty rubbish, because humans are depressing). Generally, male baboons are much bigger and musclier than the females, have massive canine teeth, and spend their time scheming and fighting to get to the top of the hierarchy. And when they get bested in a fight, they go and work out their feelings by beating up a female. Who then whacks someone below her, who whacks someone below them. Apparently they have very litte impulse control in most situations.

In 2001, after I finished school, I started trying to write a novel about sort-of baboon-inspired people, although they had horsey ears and prehensile tails. They were called 'hruun' (plural 'hruunebi', '-ebi' because it makes an interesting non-English plural marker and 'hruun' because of 'horse-baboon'). I split up the secondary sex characteristics of the male baboons such that the males got the manes and larger size, but the females got the big, nasty teeth. The females also got to be the dominant, aggressive sex. They also got spiky genitals which made them effectively impossible to rape, and indeed, able to assault the males if they wished. The males were in charge of gestating the babies, by means of a sort of parasitic capsule laid by the females, known as a babynut.

I suspect having the females be smaller is a biology fail - in species where the females are dominant, they tend to be the larger, stronger sex. I don't know if being smaller and nastier and on the 'be promiscuous to maximise offspring' side of the equation is enough, if a male is still big enough that the basic laws of physics are on his side.

The theoretical aim of the plot was to get a male, 'masculinist' playwright hruun to be shipwrecked on an island inhabited by a similar but non-civilised sapient species, where the sex roles were the other way around - one powerful male being in charge of a harem of females, which I think gestated babies more like Earth placental mammals. And he would end up having Interesting Relations with one of those males. There were also two other hruunebi - a female pirate captain and a male whore.

I never actually finished that story, although I did do a comic in which a young priest has a fling in a queer pub and comes back later to try and set fire to it in a fit of fundamentalist angst.

The main character in the story, the innocent social-activist playwright, was named Raadjara (/ra'd͡ʒaːra/ in IPA, in spite of the long-looking vowel at the start), which was a deliberate pinch from a rat-person character named Rathcarha in a story I started when I was a kid. This was inspired by Star Wars, and Rathcarha was supposedly one of two individuals who had Started All The Trouble way back when. As far as I got in the story, he was a kid and his friend had just shown him a forbidden mind-controlled(?) weapon he had gotten from somewhere. The other individual was named Kastranori, and I think he was an older general of a related species of rat-people (that had an extra set of eyes on stalks). Presumably Rathcarha was going to Become His Enemy Even As He Sought To Destroy Him. (I wonder what this is called on TV Tropes)

So, anyway, the Rathcarha/Raadjara continuum is fun to get out of the closet every 10 years or so and see what new amusing shapes it can be twisted into.

Maybe I could make them quadrupedal this time, and more physically like baboons, except for the horsey ears, which I like. I also like the colour schemes they come in. In the original story, there were three races - the tiger-striped ones, the gold ones and the dark brown ones. And then there were the other people, who are black like gorillas.

I'd still like the stripy one to meet the black one, but I don't know if they still build sailing ships. There could be some sort of humanoids that keep the hruunebi as pets or guards, and some of them are pets of pirates and others the pets of the traders that the pirates attack. And then the ship gets sunk and the surviving pets float ashore and meet their cousins, the wild black ones. It could potentially be set in a tropical region of the same world as Dark Lord's Garden, thus including the potential for amusing magic animals.

Maybe I'll do something with it.

O hai

I haven't been on here for a while, been sending entries through from Dreamwidth, so if I seemed to ignore any comments, that's why!

Samson the cat is bitey. Making me wave his ribbon on a stick around so he can kill it.

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Census Meme!

1981: I was still two gametes at this time, I believe.

1991: I was nine and in Year 3 at Hornsby North and I am a terrible person because I forget my teacher's name that year. She was nice and our classroom was upstairs. The school used to have these crazy caterpillar plagues in the autumn and people called the caterpillars 'spitfires'. They had black heads and green bodies and yellow collars round their necks. I have lifelong Issues about caterpillars because the boys used to stomp on them and toss them about and stick them on people's bags and things. My best friend was Bronwen. And there was boy called Michael (who ended up being nicknamed 'Pickle') who hung around us being a nuisance. I think that was the year I got to design a poster for the library for the book 'The Dragon of Mith'. Also, I was writing a book of short stories inspired by the dinosaurs from 'The Land Before Time', although I changed their names and appearances after I was introduced to the concept of copyright, and added various original characters like an octopus named Orangepuss and an annoying giant scorpion named Scorpion. Also either that year or the next I wrote 'Call of Destiny', which was inspired by Star Wars except that it was all animally-aliens with no humans in it, because I really wasn't into humans as a child. Our old cat named Sox had recently died and we got a new cat named Emma (who is still alive at my parents' house, at a ridiculously ripe old age). Also, I got my pet rats Nikki and Cassy (or Cassie, forget how I spelt it) around that time. They were both pregnant and soon begat daughters Booze and Whiskey. And I had a vast collection of stuffed toy animals.

2001: First year at Macquarie Uni. I started writing my webcomic, 'The Pantheon', during the holidays after school finished and continued it all that year, eventually getting up to updating it once a week. I did first-year biology and came top of the year, and had a bit of a crush on Dave Briscoe, who taught BIOL114. Also came top in first-year chemistry and got a prize. I did some volunteer work for the fauna park, helping to feed and tidy up the homes of assorted macropods in the mornings, and also at Biotrack, counting and classifying insects in their labs. I think a few years later I got my name mentioned in a scientific paper that came out of one of the insect surveys I had helped count. That year I also wrote several slash stories and joined the queer social club at uni so as to meet Actual Gay Men and see if I might actually feel like I was one.

2011: Now half way through my third year of Being A Boy. Pretty much done with Puberty Mk II, going in a couple of weeks to consult popular FTM surgeon in Brisbane about maybe getting chest surgery. Been working since October last year for exciting company called Access Innovation Media making real-time captions for deaf people in schools, uni and work, and also working on some pre-recorded television captions. Since the start of this year, have also been learning Auslan at TAFE. Our teacher's name is Helen and she is deaf and vey patient with us! We're just starting to get enough vocab to tell and understand stories, though we don't do them very fast. I rent a house that used to belong to my grandmother and now belongs to my mother with my partner who is usually known online as Fuzzy. We have been together since 03/05/03 minus one fortnight when we temporarily broke up. He has just started working for BP after his Mobil service station got eaten by 7-Eleven and does a couple of night shifts per week. Also this year, we got a cat called Samson. He is brown and black with a mane and an uber-fluffy tail. When my grandmother died, she left us some money and I bought an electric bicycle. It's fun and I have ridden more than 800km on it in only 2 months.


Sometimes I think I am not a very good tranny because I didn't hate puberty!

Also, I am reading this sex-education website for teenagers: www.bishuk.com :)

Health insurance

Got carried away trying to remember the password for HIF and now it has locked me out of my member account til I speak to a human on the phone on Monday, curses. Or maybe I can email.

I'm looking at adding hospital cover to the ancillary options I already have.

For those, they seem to charge me $15.15 every month, which is 50.5c per day. If I paid fortnightly, I would only pay $7, which is exactly 50c per day.

The waiting period on hospital cover is 12 months.

If one wants a private room in hospital all paid for (so as not to freak out from being surrounded by sick people), the only option is the most expensive 'Gold Star' insurance, but it seems you can pay extra to upgrade when you get there (a 'co-payment').

With that in mind, it appears their lowest level of cover will be OK. The Gold Starter, along with exisiting Saver Options ancillary comes to $23.90 per fortnight.

If I have to wait 12 months / 26 fortnights, I will have paid them only $621.40, that's not too bad.

Plus they will have given me back the benefit for probably three dosages of boy power, which is $240. So $381 to the health fund, plus the other half of the boy power cost, $225.

So if I make a big claim after 12 months, they will lose all the money I gave them. But I suppose I will keep the cover on indefinitely and they'll make it back over the next however many years of me not going to hospital.

So I guess I'll ask how the 'co-payment' thingy works and then get them to upgrade me to hospital cover and let me back into my account!


I am about to inherit some moneys! No idea how much. But probably enough to buy that bike I wanted. Thank you, Grandmother! Thank you also for leaving your whole house to my mum and not dividing it up in some tricky way, which means I can keep living in it. :)

Also, [personal profile] radicalyffe is going to sell me his old iPod touch for cheaps so I can get the Auslan iThingy app. Woot. :)

Samson has just found yet another snake in the garden. This one was small and cute and I dunno what it is. It has hidden itself away, so will have to look for it in the daytime. Also, Samson has some bumps under his neck that I am trying to look at in case they're ticks, but they're very hard to get at. He doesnt show any symptoms of anything except his usual night-time enthusiasm for dashing about the place and displeasure at being dragged back inside when he wanted to play with the snakie.

Soon I will get to work from home, just waiting for work to give me a good telephone for receiving the audio. I will be able to sleep in til 8 when I have an 8.45 class instead of getting up early to commute!

Mmmmnnn, sleepy.